Newspaper and Mail Deliverers' Union
of New York and Vicinity

NMDU Pension Plan

Newspaper & Mail Deliverers Pension Plan

Founded in 1957, The Newspaper & Mail Deliverers' Union Pension Plan services our retirees and thier beneficiaries. The NMDU Pension Plan is an multiemployer sponsored plan with employers making contributions on our members behalf.

Like most pension funds of our times, the NMDU Pension Plan has seen it's ups and downs. But after a hard fight and win by our leadership, we are fully funded and see a bright future ahead for both our current members and retirees.

NMDU Pension Plan Trustees

Mr. Thomas BentvenaUnion Trustee
Mr. Charles SetteducatoUnion Trustee
Mr. Jeff ZomperEmployer Trustee
Mr. Terry HayesEmployer Trustee

Anyone considering retirement, taking a buy out or both must contact the NMDU Pension Plan Office (646.380.8512) immediately to find out your years of service, shift requirements and any other options that may be available to you.

Notice to All Pensioners

Pensioner Officers

PresidentAnthony Cuccia
Vice PresidentThomas Smith
SecretaryCarmine Raffone
Our new mailing address & email address
Tony Cuccia
P.O. Box 60773
Staten Island, NY 10306
Email: pennmdu@yahoo.com
Please send your annual dues ( $10.00 per year, check or money order, NO CASH ) to the above mailing address and include your address so that we may send a receipt.
Thank You!
Pension Downloads
NMDU Pension SPD
Pension Summary Plan Description October 2016